20 Must-Try Steak Recipes

A delicious array of steak recipes featuring popular cuts of beef. Filet mignon, NY strip, porterhouse, ribeye, flank, and much more.

I love steak. I’m also obsessed with cooking the perfect steak. Below is every steak recipe featured on Kitchen Swagger. You will find the most popular cuts of beef (ribeye, t-bone, porterhouse, flank, tenderloin, skirt, sirloin, cowboy) and a variety of different meals and cuisines from around the world. I can vouge for all of these recipes because I’ve tested and cooked them all myself.

Most of my steaks are prepared via pan-searing in a cast iron skillet and finishing in the oven. It’s my favorite way to cook steak and yields consistent results every time. If you have other ideas or recipe recommendations, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

How to Reverse Sear Steak

Reverse searing is the best way to cook thicker cuts of beef. If you’re looking for a perfect medium-rare steak with a phenomenal crust, reverse searing is for you.

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Carne Asada Street Tacos Recipe

Carne asada street tacos are made with grilled, marinated flank or skirt steak and topped with creamy avocado salsa, chopped white onions, and fresh cilantro. They’re super fresh and delicious.

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